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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on a child’s ability to participate to the fullest extent in life’s everyday activities, including playing, learning, and socializing. Occupational therapists evaluate and treat motor skills, sensory processing skills, play skills and self-regulation. These are all vital components to success with daily life activities. Therapists compare current abilities and skill levels with what is developmentally appropriate for the child’s age and provide intervention and adaptations as needed to develop age-appropriate skills across a variety of environments.


At Kick Start PTN our occupational therapists utilize a comprehensive evaluation process to assess your child in order to identify the specific areas affecting their functional skills. A combination of standardized testing, clinical observations, questionnaires, and parent interview may be used.  The therapist will score and interpret the results of the evaluation and provide a written report. As part of the evaluation process a parent meeting is scheduled to discuss the findings and recommendations.


Our therapists at Kick Start PTN are experienced in the assessment and treatment of the underlying areas that affect the acquisition and performance of functional skills needed to fully participate across a variety of settings. The occupational therapists at Kickstart PTN have many years of treatment experience. They are trained or certified in a variety of treatment approaches and modalities including but not limited to: Sensory Integration, SIPT (Sensory Integration and Praxis Test), Therapeutic Listening®, DIR ®/Floortime™, Neuro-developmental therapy (NDT), Sensory Oral Sequential approach (S.O.S.), Feeding Therapy, TAMO, Kineseo Taping ®, Integrated Listening System (iLs), Therapressure (Wilbarger Brushing Protocol), Handwriting Without Tears®, and assistive technology.


If treatment is recommended, an individualized intervention plan is designed based on our evaluation’s findings and parental priorities. Improvement of the areas of need are emphasized in order to enhance the essential functional skills needed to meet a variety of daily environmental demands. Your child’s intervention plan may include individual or group occupational therapy, environmental modifications, consultation with teacher/school staff, home programs, and/or further assessment by other health care professionals to rule out other developmental factors.

Treatment at Kick Start PTN is a collaborative partnership between the therapist and parents. We are committed to facilitating on-going open communication with our families. This includes emphasizing family priorities while establishing goals, discussion of any new or ongoing concerns, providing support to carry over activities in a variety of settings, and welcoming parent participation in the sessions.

At Kick Start PTN our therapists utilize a multi-faceted approach to treatment. Therapy sessions are characterized by activities which are motivating and meaningful and that address the specific goals of each individual child as well as larger developmental areas.  Activities are adapted and graded, facilitating  “just the right challenge” to foster improvement in identified areas. As well as promote a sense of accomplishment and pride.  Participation is facilitated in a positive and fun way in order to promote cooperation and self regulation while working on challenging activities.


The following areas are some of the important components that contribute to attaining developmental skills. Functional skills are composed of and influenced by many of these components. In addition, functional skills are affected by other body systems and environmental input.


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