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Kick Start PTN is pleased to announce our Fall social group schedule.

Handwriting Readiness (Social-Motor Group): Wednesdays @ 4:00-5:00PM for children entering Kindergarten this fall or next fall.

This one hour group focuses on the foundational skills needed to learn to print upper and lower case letters and numbers.  Emphasis is on helping children be prepared for the writing and fine motor demands upon entering Kindergarten.  Activities are designed to address several developmental areas simultaneously as well as to be motivating in order to encourage participation and positive feelings.

Children who are having difficulty in the area of fine motor development may avoid certain fine motor activities, think they’re “boring” or just not tend to enjoy them.  Our therapists are experienced in providing a supportive and encouraging environment to help your child improve their functional skills and gain confidence.

This group is led by two occupational therapists (with additional assistants as needed).

Social Groups

Our social groups are designed to promote social pragmatic skills through participation in a variety of sensory-motor based activities.  Specific fine and gross motor activities as well as sensory opportunities are chosen according to the individualized needs of the children in the group.  Cooperative and joint problem solving activities are also incorporated.  Our groups are theme based, with themes lasting typically between four to six weeks.  This allows for repetition and generalization of concepts, an overlying framework to tie activities together, and helps to motivate children to engage in activities that might be more challenging for them.

Social groups provide the opportunity for children to work on foundational skills that may be more challenging when interacting with other children such as:

  •  flexibility with play ideas
  •  the ability to follow other’s ideas
  •  the ability to initiate ideas
  •  self-regulation
  •  the ability to assert oneself, e.g. to be able to ask for a turn or tell a peer “no”
  •  the ability to express oneself around play ideas/expansion.

Peers are often wonderful at motivating each other to attempt novel activities or participate in activities otherwise avoided.  We offer groups for a range of ages that are listed below. These groups are led by a combination of occupational therapists and/or speech and language pathologists and additional assistants as needed and meet for one hour.

3-4 year olds: Tuesdays at 10:30-11:30am

5-6 year olds: Thursdays at 3:00-4:00pm

4 year olds: Thursdays at 4:00-5:00pm

3 year olds: Wednesdays at 11:30-12:30pm







Please contact Mindy Aharoni at 847-386-6560 ext. 305 for further information.  If you have a younger child and are interested in a group please let us know.  We are in the process of exploring the possibility of offering a group for two year olds-young three’s.


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